5 February 2015

A Hilariously Gruesome Parody Of Every ’90s Ad Ever

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Inspired by ads from the ’90s, in particular bizarre Capri Sun juice ads, digital movie studio RocketJump has created a hilariously gruesome parody that starts off like a generic cheesy commercial, but quickly morphs into an absurd nightmare.

Titled 'Every ’90s Commercial Ever’, the ad shows a trio of children turning into flying liquid metal blobs after drinking ‘Liquid Slam’ juice.

Things take a dark turn when they fuse into a horrifying many-headed monster and proceed to terrorize everyone around them.

Impressively, the ad manages to emulate the look of ’90s commercials perfectly with glitchy VCR effects, laughable acting and inane dialogue.

If you grew up watching silly Saturday morning ads on the television, you’ll definitely appreciate this wacky effort.

Laugh out loud at the hilarious spot below and watch a behind-the-scenes video after.

[via Adweek, video via RocketJump2]