5 February 2015

New IKEA Video Game Challenges You To Get Creative With Self-Assembly Furniture

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Do you recall the hours of frustration (a common experience) while assembling your last IKEA purchase? You can now relive the experience with this recently released video game.

As a part of Global Game Jam 2015, a small team of developers have created Höme Improvisåtion, where players have to figure out how to assemble furniture placed before them. With a box of parts placed before you, the play begins and you have to figure out which parts fit together. There are twists—every piece is connected by a simple peg, resulting in many potential but inaccurate connections.

Eventually players realise that the element of fun lies in being able creatively assemble structures that only somewhat resemble tables, lamps and TV stands.

Watch the video below or click here to start playing.

[via Architizer]