3 February 2015

A Simple Phone Holder That Doubles Up As A ‘Night Light’ When In Use

Many people already keep their phone by their side when they go to sleep, so why not turn it into a functional bedside accessory?

Designed by Mitya Katkin and Ilya Torgovnikov, the ‘Mod. lamp’ is a simple, flexible product that not only props up your iPhone in any position—it also doubles up as a night light when your phone’s flash is activated.

The designers suggest using the “lamp” for some light reading before you sleep, or when you need to wake up in the middle of the night.

You need not worry about wasting your phone’s battery—the holder, which needs to be plugged directly a power socket, conveniently charges your phone when in use.

What do you think of this simple concept? Scroll down for a closer look.

[via Yanko Design, images by Mitya Katkin and Ilya Torgovnikov]