4 February 2015

A Truthful Look At What It Means To Be An Artist

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YouTuber Jonathan Mann has created a video in which he touches on what it means to be an artist.

In the spot titled ‘You Are Not A Content Creator’, he states that big corporations like Facebook, Google and YouTube are actually advertisers in disguise who don’t care about the work being created, but about how much money they can earn off it.

He also explains why he hates the word “content”, because it reduces creators to cash cows whose sole purpose is to generate ad revenue through their work.

Using his songs on his YouTube channel as an example, he argues that they are more than just a means to sell ad space.

Mann’s rant shines a spotlight on a culture that assigns value to things based on how much money they generate.

He ends by urging us to look beyond page views and ad revenue, and start looking at creators as artists who deserve more credit.

Truthful and heartfelt, it should strike a chord with those of you who make things for a living, whether you’re an artist, an illustrator, a designer, a musician or a writer.

Watch the insightful video below.

[via Laughing Squid, video via Jonathan Mann]