20 February 2015

Adobe Celebrates Photoshop’s 25th Birthday With Awesome ‘Thank You’ Video

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To celebrate the 25th birthday of its popular graphics-editing software Photoshop, Adobe has released a short video to illustrate the astounding impact of the editing tool on the world’s creative industries over the years.

Titled ‘25 Years of Photoshop - Dream On’, the one-minute video was created with PSD files sourced from artists across the world, which were later animated layer by layer in Photoshop.

Adobe also released a timeline that featured the memorable milestones celebrated by Photoshop over the past 25 years, showing us how the editing tool has changed the way we view the world.

Check out Adobe’s video below—has Photoshop impacted your life too?

[via Adweek and CNET, images via video screenshots]