20 February 2015

Beyoncé’s Unretouched Photos Go Viral, Starts New Debate About Photoshopping

Following the controversy surrounding supermodel Cindy Crawford’s unretouched photo, a recent leak of pop star Beyoncé’s unretouched photos from a L’Oréal commercial shoot in 2013 has started a new discussion online about the use of Photoshop.

The unretouched photos, released by fan site The Beyoncé World, featured the pop star with “wrinkles and imperfections” on her face and skin.

The fan site has since removed the photos, however, social media users were quick to share their reactions—most expressed their shock and disbelief about the images, while others defended the singer’s appearance.

What are your thoughts on this new discussion?

Scroll down to view the comments made about the unretouched photos.

im glad these photos of beyonce have leaked. it shows she is a real person http://ift.tt/1COiRhC

— brad (@brdlyshrp) February 18, 2015

lol, you know why Beyoncé looks kinda shitty in those leaked l'Oréal pics tho? shitloads of makeup + strong lighting. she's still beautiful.

— ilu honeybear (@glietzsche) February 18, 2015

Idk why yall surprised over these leaked untouched pictures of Beyonce. She's human lol she is going to age, get pimples, etc.

— Buzzing BRI. (@__Briella) February 18, 2015

I don't care for Beyoncé but I'm glad those pictures leaked. She's an actual person & it's deceiving of the media to retouch for perfection

— Cisco Kid (@kickass_bonet) February 18, 2015

[via PetaPixel and Complex]