24 February 2015

Apple’s New China Store Features A Completely Transparent Glass Façade

Apple has unveiled its latest store in Hangzhou, China, and it’s a huge minimalist glass structure.

The store is one of five scheduled to open ahead of Chinese New Year last week, and was designed by Foster + Partners, who were also behind the tech company’s Istanbul store.

Located near the city’s West Lake, the 15-meter-high building features glazed exteriors, a glowing ceiling, a cantilevered floor and glass staircases.

Its completely transparent façade comprises 11 double-glazed panels, with mechanical blinds providing shade.

An upper floor extends from the rear wall and rises nine meters above the ground level, and is meant to evoke “a sense of space and calm.”

“This gives the impression of a floating stage in the center of the space—a new living room for the city,” said the architecture firm.

The thin floor, which measures from 1.2 meters to an incredible 10 centimeters, was made possible by the use of mass dampers that absorb sound and reduce amplitude of mechanical vibrations.

The illuminated ceiling is made of noise-reducing lighting panels, while the staircases have glass steps that are held in place with embedded bolts.

Check out more pictures of the store below.

[via Dezeen, images by Nigel Young and Foster + Partners]