24 February 2015

This Inspirational Video For Photographers Showcases 550 Photos In One Minute

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“There are fleeting moments that define our experience in this life. Moments in time that are ephemeral and transient. Moments that touch us for the remainder of our days. Moments that pass before our helpless eyes and escape our grasping desire to possess them.”

“I stalk these moments with a hungry mind and fix them with my gaze. I lay in wait to catch that singular instance of existence—not before, not after, but just then. I have the power to stop time in its tracks, to seize the frozen moment and hold it fast. I am a photographer.”

Photographer and Adobe certified expert in Lightroom, Jeff Hirsch, has created an inspirational video for fellow photographers.

Titled ‘Moments In Time’, the short showcases 550 photos in a span of 60 seconds.

Check it out below:

[via PetaPixel, images via Jeff Hirsch]