5 February 2015

Artist Copes With Break-Up By Fading Away His Ex-Girlfriend With Photoshop

While different people use different ways to cope with a break-up, artist Matthew Swarts finds therapy in digitally removing photos of his ex-girlfriend using Photoshop.

Since his breakup with his long-term girlfriend in 2013, he has created two project series—the first one titled ‘Beth’, where he manipulates the photos of his ex-girlfriend to look like she is fading away.

The other project is titled ‘The Alternatives’, where he edits images of his new girlfriend, which he has been together with for a year now, with optical illusion effects to represent the complicating process of a new bond.

Matthew enlarges his works into 40 by 60 inches pieces, so that every detail of the manipulation can be seen. Each layer and pattern on the images represent his layers of emotions from his past and present relationships.

Head over here to see the full gallery.

[via Lost At E Minor, images via Matthew Swarts]