5 February 2015

Russian Duo Make Recipes Come To Life With These Luscious GIF-Like Shots

You’ve seen cinemagraphs of everyday scenes at a train station, nature and weddings.

How about bringing recipes to life through them?

Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina, together with her friend Olya, ups the game of food photography with their series of cooking cinemagraphs, titled ‘Kitchen Ghosts’.

Olya would prepare, arrange and cook the food while Khoroshavina is in charge of capturing the process and animating them.

Khoroshavina said, “The key is to find a perfect fragment and polish it to make it look seamless.”

The mouthwatering GIF-like photos will make you drool with its wafting smoke trails, sizzling ingredients and bubbling liquids.

Khoroshavina told Creative Bloq, “We have just started the project and got overwhelmed with ideas. We want to keep shooting our home meals for a blog, maybe illustrate a culinary book, shoot an ad for a restaurant or a bar or a culinary school.”

Check out more luscious shots here.

[via Creative Bloq, images via Kitchen Ghosts]