2 February 2015

Awesome Business Card Ideas That Will Help You Make A Great First Impression

The Canva Design School recently gathered a collection of very creative business card ideas that would hopefully inspire you to turn yours into one that would help you make a killer first impression.

The fifty featured business cards are for a diverse range of companies—ranging from design and photography studios to hair salons and restaurants—and each one uses clever design techniques to bring their messages across.

The cards that are particularly brilliant include a seemingly blank card for a grill restaurant with words that only appear when held over heat, and another one that is actually a paper seed packet that you can plant.

View the entire collection here, where you would also find useful design tips for creating a winning business card.

Image via Warren They

Image via Card Rabbit

Image via Marvia

Image via Cardzine

Image via Dribbble

Image via Dribbble

Image via Toxel

[via Canva Design School]