24 February 2015

Cannes Lions Wants You To Bring Your Worst Employees To The Festival

Instead of firing your worst-performing employees—which also requires you to pay them a severance package—the Cannes Lions Festival wants you to invite them to the festivities this summer.

Shot by photographer Dan Burn-Forti, the following print ads were created by McCann London to promote the international renown festival.

Each poster features a not-so model employee with valid reasons to fire them. However, instead of giving them the boot, the posters encourage you to invest in creativity by inviting them to the festival because it’s “cheaper than severance”.

“Although our campaign is humorous, it makes a very sensible point. Why should being a Cannes Lions delegate be the preserve of the already excellent?” said Rob Doubal, co-president and CCO of McCann London on Adweek. “If we really want a more creative world, as we all profess, we should also be encouraging the not-so-excellent performers to be inspired by Cannes Lions.”

Do you have any employees in mind who would benefit from this trip?

Check out the posters below:

[via Adweek]