24 February 2015

A Closer Look At The Brilliantly Designed Title Sequences Seen At The Oscars

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Meet Henry Hobson, a Los Angeles-based film director and graphic designer, who was the man behind the gorgeous title sequences seen during the Oscars.

Together with California animation studio Elastic, and show co-producer Lee Lodge, they designed 23 different sequences for the Academy Awards.

Hobson wanted the sequences to be bolder than the previous years, while keeping in mind the Academy’s reputation for glamour and visual identity, incorporating the Academy’s typography—redesigned by 180LA in 2013—into his designs.

He told Bloomberg that “the Oscars is the celebration of film, but there’s also a degree in which we can celebrate and tell the story of the filmmakers’ journey through design”.

Having been involved with the Oscars for seven years now, he has pushed the boundaries and taken the looks of the title sequences from the use of stitched-together film clips, to a more contemporary direction.

Head over here to find out more about Hobson, and his plans for the Academy Awards next year.

Click play on the video below to see one out of the 23 sequences designed by Hobson and the team.