18 February 2015

Carlsberg Will Soon Serve Its Beer In ‘World’s First’ Biodegradable Bottle

Danish brewer Carlsberg may be switching its iconic glass bottles to the “world’s first fully biodegradable bottle” for its products.

The company is currently working on the “Green Fibre Bottle”, a lighter packaging that is made from sustainably sourced wood-fiber.

Unlike the previously featured ‘PaperBoy Wine’ bottles made from recycled cardboard packaging, Carlsberg’s bottles will be designed in one piece and lined with an inner coating to prevent spillage.

With its new packaging, Carlsberg expects its bottles to “stay colder for longer” than its current aluminum cans.

“Carlsberg is also taking great pains to make sure that the taste will not be affected,” said the company’s senior packaging innovation manager, Håkon Langen.

What do you think of Carlsberg’s new look?

Check it out below.

[via The Dieline, images via @carlsberg]