10 February 2015

Designers’ ‘Made In China Diary’ Exposes Harsh Truth Of Chinese Factories

After a five month tour of the manufacturing industry in China, Swiss designers from Anaïde Gregory Studios have produced a Made In China Diary, about their experience and the people they met when they were there.

They write about their visit to Datang, where sock manufacturing drives everything in the city of 200,000. With every link in the supply chain positioned in the outskirts of the city, thread producers, logistics and distribution companies allow Datang to make over one billion pairs of socks per year.

Many workers have 6 day work weeks amidst fumes and dust from fiberglass. Quoting directly from their Made In China Diary: "In these cities, there is no distinction between craftmanship and industrial production... everyone has the same mandate: to produce as much as possibly as quickly as possible."

For more information about book, visit their website.

[via Fast Company]