22 February 2015

Eating Alone? This Tumblr Blog Confirms You're Not The Only One Doing So

California-based Jerry Hsu found himself eating out alone very often, so he created a Tumblr blog, Table For One, to capture the other people in America who are seen eating a meal alone.

Hsu wants to highlight that the blog is neither a commentary on loneliness or human nature, but how one reacts to it may be a reflection of how they are truly feeling.

In a quote provided by Hsu during his interview with TIME, Hsu says, “most people find it sad and depressing. I think those knee jerk reactions say more about an individual’s relationship to the subject matter. Apparently, eating out alone is excruciating to some people! Just being with yourself sometimes is important and these photos cause you to evaluate your own feelings and perceptions about solitude.”

Is eating alone sad or rad? You can be the judge of that.

[via Food Republic]