22 February 2015

Teenage Girls Confess The Tiny 'Microagressions' In Casual Speech That Can Hurt

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Youth organization Hatch has recently released a video where teenage girls were interviewed and asked about ‘microagressions’, and what they revealed through their interviews is shocking.

A microagression is defined as “a form of unintentional discrimination.”

Unscripted, raw and honest confessions of these teenage girls spoke the truth about how they felt when the people around them made casual, seemingly unharmful remarks about their race, body type, and so on.

Founder of Hatch and CRO/CMO for SheKnows Media Samantha Skey says, “Most of the kids who participated were already aware of the term ‘microagression’”, adding “They felt that even though they lived in liberal environments, they were still seeing this subtext that’s hurtful in more subtle ways. We decided to focus the video on microagressions, or this idea of ‘death by a thousand paper cuts,’ to make the discussion more personal.”

Hatch has also released an activity guide to help parents understand the word better.

Watch it below:

[via BuzzFeed]