24 February 2015

‘Emotional Labor’, An Email Extension That Helps You Fake Enthusiasm

If you find yourself struggling to sound enthusiastic in your emails, the ‘Emotional Labor’ Chrome email extension might be what you need to add some pep to your correspondence.

After installing the extension, compose an email in Gmail and click the smiley face. It instantly brightens the mood of your message by replacing serious words with playful ones, substituting periods for exclamation marks, and adding a cheery introductory paragraph.

Referencing how exhausting replying emails are in its moniker, the web tool is the creation of New York-based writer Joanne McNeil, who was inspired to come up with it after “many futile attempts to start using canned responses.”

In a Medium post, she bemoaned the strain of using the right words to convey her emotion at the time of writing, and how fake online communication can sometimes be.

The ‘Emotional Labor’ extension is also a response to the ‘Romantimatic’ app that sends automated texts like “I love you” to your partner, where efficiency overrides authenticity.

Download the extension here.

[via Medium]