5 February 2015

Illustrator ‘Defaces’ Magazine Covers With Playful, Vibrant Doodles

Professional doodler Hattie Stewart, whom we last featured here, is back with a new series of work that is made on fashion magazine covers—her bright, cartoonish illustrations transform the original covers into trippy pop art.

Layering the photographs and graphics on the magazine covers under vibrant streaks of color and playful drawings of cute characters, including “astonished love hearts and ice-cream turds”, Stewarts creative doodling would let you look at these “serious” fashion titles through new eyes.

This new on-going series is part of the KK Outlet show, entitled “Doll House”, which would be exhibited until 28 February 2015.

View more of the illustrator’s work with magazine cover below and over here.

[via We Heart]