9 February 2015

Interactive Map Debunks Washington D.C.'s Urban Legends

Image: Ivan Nava

Ever wonder why Georgetown, a vibrant part of Washington, D.C., has no Metrorail stop? According to urban legend, many rejected a Georgetown station because they were not keen on having the poorer people flocking into their neighborhoods. This a classic example of an urban legend that is totally untrue.

The National Capital Area Skeptics aim to prove or disprove these urban legends about the Washington area.

Initially launched to plot a NCAS walking tour, founder Chip Denman starting compiling all of Washington's "secret histories" into one map. But other members of the 150 strong association kept adding sites which included pins about extraterrestrials, Scientology, assassinations and Houdini.

We are pretty sure that every city could benefit from a map like this one! Find the original map here.

[via Citylab]