9 February 2015

A Sleek Sex Shop With Sensual Interiors That Evoke The Body’s Erogenous Zones

If grimy, dimly lit hole-in-the-wall establishments are what come to mind when you think of sex shops, German erotic retailer Fun Factory will make you see them in a new light.

Located in Munich, the third and newest outlet by the sex toy company features sleek and elegant interiors, bright lights, and a tasteful color scheme of gold, silver, black and white.

Designed by renowned architect Karim Rashid, the two-story store boasts alluring, sensual curvy forms that evoke the erogenous zones of the body, such as the neck, lips, hips, collarbone and back of the knees.

In a place where pleasure is the order of the day, it’s fitting that the tables are shaped like the wavy ‘Mr. Pink’ dildo Rashid designed for the store.

To ensure discretion for shoppers, patterned windows shield them from the outside world while they browse the sexy lingerie and pleasure-enhancing devices. Little nooks throughout the space provide even more privacy.

Check out more photographs of this unconventional sex shop below.

[via Design Milk, images by Eric Laignel]