10 February 2015

‘Mad Men’ Wants Fans To Recreate Its Pilot Episode

If you’re anticipating the final episodes of television show Mad Men, here’s a fun project for you to get involved in before it premieres on 5 April 2015.

Fans can get to ‘star’ in their favorite series through the newly launched contest, titled ‘Mad Men: The Fan Cut’.

The pilot episode has been cut into 154 short scenes, ranging from eight to 38 seconds.

Individuals can ‘claim’ any of these scenes, where each scene allows up to five participants to place their ‘reservations’.

Fans are then required to recreate their ‘claimed’ scenes within 30 days, following a stipulated set of rules.

Winning works will be chosen and reassembled into a fan-created version of the television show’s first episode.

Find out more here.

[via Adweek, images via Mad Men Fan Cut]