6 February 2015

Man Buys A MacBook On eBay, Receives A Photo Of The Laptop Instead

When Paul Barrington found a listing for an Apple MacBook at £300, or approximately US$343, on eBay, he was elated about the rare bargain.

However, what he eventually received in the mail was rather absurd—instead of getting the MacBook as promised, Barrington received a black-and-white photograph of the MacBook instead.

“The package was as light as a feather. Why bother sending a picture in a box? It doesn’t make any sense. I almost had to laugh,” said Barrington in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to an eBay spokesperson, Barrington will be getting a refund “as soon as possible”, and that the matter will be investigated.

Head here to read more about Barrington’s unfortunate online shopping experience.

[via The Telegraph]