18 February 2015

Mattel Creates Interactive Barbie Doll That Can Chat, Tell Jokes And Play Games

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Mattel newest toy is a digital update to their popular Barbie doll—the ‘Hello Barbie’ will be able to engage in a two-way conversations, tell stories and jokes.

Liken to the Apple’s Siri, the smart doll is connected via WiFi, uses speech recognition technology, and is constantly updated with information through the Cloud, allowing her to stay relevant with the latest happenings.

It is part of a collaboration with ToyTalk, which enables the doll to be interactive, tell stories and play games—it will also remember the likes and dislikes of its owner and may refer to it in future chats.

It is still uncertain as to when the toy will be released, and is expected to sell for approximately US$49.99.

Do you like the new and “improved” Barbie?

Click play to see the doll in action at the New York Toy Fair 2015.

“I like to be on stage too!”

“You told me you like being on stage—so maybe a dancer, or a politician, or how about a dancing politician?”

“Did you know I already have superpowers? I can make myself invisible, but only when no one’s looking.”

[via Elite Daily, BBC News, images via video screenshot]