2 February 2015

McDonald’s Is Now Selling The Secret Sauce In Its Big Mac For US$18,000

For the first time ever, McDonald’s is selling bottles of the “secret” sauce used in its Big Macs.

Marketed as ‘Big Mac Special Sauce’, McDonald’s will only be releasing 200 500ml bottles of its highly coveted sauce worldwide.

Currently, McDonald’s Australia is bidding off the first bottle of its special sauce on eBay, in aid of Ronald McDonald House Charities, at a starting price of approximately US$18,000.

For those without deep pockets, fret not. According to Metro, 600 55ml tubs of the special sauce will be sold in 950 McDonald’s stores across Australia for 50 cents, or US$0.39 each.

Would you buy one of these bottles of secret sauce for yourself?

[via Eater, images via eBay]