2 February 2015

This Futuristic Smart City May Be What Paris Would Look Like In 2050

Architect Vincent Callebaut's vision of the Paris of 2050 differs greatly from the romantic city that we see today. Commissioned as a part of the Climate Energy Plan of Paris, the architect's plans display a move towards a futuristic "smart" city.

His concept, aptly titled Smart City, draws largely from nature. The design is eco-friendly, with green strategies like rainwater recycling and living green walls that bring fresh air to the urban environment. Green spaces are also included in the architecture, promoting communal gardening and a green-loving way of life.

Callebaut's Smart City pays tribute to Paris’ historical architecture with its skyscrapers and "honeycomb-esque towers". These structures are multi-functional, with external solar generators that harvest sunlight and produce biofuel. The need for transportation and fuel pollution would also be erased since residential and commercial enterprises will be within walking distance of one another.

Head over to Callebaut's website to see more of his futuristic visions for Paris.

[via My Modern Met]