20 February 2015

‘Metaflop’, A Fun Web App That Lets You Design Your Own Fonts

Swiss designers Marco Müller and Alexis Reigel have created ‘Metaflop’, a fun and easy web app that lets you design your own fonts without the hassle of dealing with technical aspects like programming language and coding.

To design your own fonts, simple toggle around with the app’s sliders that let you adjust typeface characteristics, such as cap height and ascenders, in real time.

Once you are satisfied with your font design, you can easily download it as a .otf font for free, which can be used in Photoshop or on the web.

In an interview with It’s Nice That, the designers said: “We are aware that it is difficult to produce subtle and refined typographical fonts (in the classical meaning)… Nevertheless we believe there is a undeniable quality in parametric font design and we try to bring it closer to the world of the designers.”

Head here to give Metaflop a try.

[via Fast Co. Design]