6 February 2015

Photographer Finds Out What Happens When You Unfollow Everyone on Social Media

Image: Francis Ranger

Like most of us, photographer Helena Price observed that most of her personal time was spent staring at a screen. She made the decision to "unfollow" everyone on her Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

Reflecting on her decision in an article on Medium, she candidly describes how she felt she was destroying something she had carefully curated over time, how she feared offending people and how she still checked her accounts obsessively.

After a week, she happily reports that she has become more efficient, felt like she had more time and felt like she had time and energy to invest in her relationships.

One month in, Price lays down a simple but effective rule when thinking about decluttering your internet life: if it brings you joy, keep it. If it does not, it might be time to let it go. Click here to read her whole article.

[via Medium]