5 February 2015

‘Star Wars’ Fan Creates An Awesome ‘Millennium Falcon’ Drone

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Here’s a creative drone “hack” that is simply brilliant.

YouTuber Olivier C has modified his radio-controlled quadcopter drone to make it look like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

To create the custom drone, Olivier used foam strips for the Millennium Falcon’s main body and added LED lights for finishing touches.

According to Olivier, his drone is “quite sensitive to wind”, making it trickier to control—but surely, nothing beats the sheer thrill of seeing your own custom-made Millennium Falcon whizzing across the sky.

The Star Wars fan also included helpful instructions on building your own Millennium Falcon drone on the RCGroups forum page.

Watch the videos below to see Olivier’s awesome drone in action.

[via CNET, images via Imgur]