5 February 2015

A Fascinating Look At What Soldiers From Different Countries Eat


Italian industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti’s new exhibit called the ‘K-Rations’ shows us what goes into the contents and design of combat rations of armies around the world.

As a designer who had worked on multiple projects, Iacchetti told Fast Co. Design that “he is fascinated by the extreme functionality of anonymously designed items like field rations”.

Although these ration packagings feature minimalist designs, they are efficient as the entire space within the cardboard boxes are maximized and organized so that the daily diet of a soldier can be stored in a small box.

The exhibit also offers a peek into the different eating habits and cultures of the various countries. For instance, the US field ration contains food items like peanut butter and bubble gum, while the Italian one holds pasta.

Head over here to see more photos from the exhibition. It is currently on display until 22 February 2015 at the 2015 Expo Milano.





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[via Fast Co. Design, images via Fabrizia Parisi]