23 February 2015

Stylish Smartwatch Functions By Itself Without A Phone, Costs Just US$79

Many of the smartwatch concepts available on the market right now are meant to be used with smartphones—however, the newly launched Flyshark Smartwatch may actually be a competitor to smartphones.

Designed to function on its own without smartphone, the Flyshark can do many of the things that smartphones can, including sending and receiving messages, and making calls (without having to touch your phone)—in addition, it also features a heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and other functions.

Supporting both iOS and Android, users would have the option to connect their Flyshark Smartwatch to their smartphone via Bluetooth or use it directly by placing a micro-SIM card with an active cell phone service into the device.

Just days into its Kickstarter campaign, this stylish high-tech wearable has already fulfilled its initial funding goal—its first batch of early bird pledges, priced at US$69, have all been taken up.

The Flyshark Smartwatch is still very affordable, with prices starting from US$79—watch the video below, or head over to its Kickstarter page, to find out more about it.

[via Geeky Gadgets, images via Flyshark’s Kickstarter page]