9 February 2015

‘The Internet of Useless Things’, A Website That Mocks Our Tech Obsession

Inspired by the ridiculous and far-fetched devices that have emerged as technology becomes more sophisticated, creative technology company rehabstudio has decided to poke fun at this trend with its parody blog ‘The Internet of Useless Things’.

Highlighting how technology aims to make us more connected to ourselves and others, the fake devices dreamed up by the firm include the ‘FitSpoon’, a spoon with holes that open up when it senses its user is eating too fast, and the ‘BeatTweeter’, a ring that sends your final thoughts to your loved ones when your heartbeat stops.

They are accompanied by hilariously convoluted phrases like “content depletion sensor” and “speed micro-adjust passways” that will make you giggle at the absurdity behind them.

If you have a useless ‘Internet of Things’ idea, you can Tweet the company at ‘#iouselesst’, and it might just get featured on the website.

Chuckle at some of the devices below and view more silly gadgets here.

[via PSFK, images via The Internet of Useless Things]