25 February 2015

Woman Recreates Old Photos Of Her Family Members To Show Their Resemblance

Left: Cousin Thelma, Right: Rifkin

Curious about the resemblance between her and her family members, ghostwriter Rachael Rifkin decided to recreate old photographs of her parents and extended family.

“I went to the mirror with the picture (of my great-grandmother Fannie) to see if I was able to copy it. That’s when I noticed that we shared more than just facial expressions—I could see her features in my face,” Rifkin told BuzzFeed.

With help from her friends, she set up a green screen in her living room while they handled the lighting, hair, make-up, and outfits.

Whether dressed as her great-great grandfather or cousin, the photographs reveal similarities in their features that span generations.

Rifkin said she hopes her project will inspire people to think about their own family resemblance, adding that “the more we know about our families, the more we know about ourselves and our possible life trajectories.”

Check out some images below read more about her project at her blog.

Left: Great-grandmother Fannie, Right: Rifkin

Left: Great-great Grandfather Shmeryahu (Sidney), Right: Rifkin

Left: Grandfather Sidney, Right: Rifkin

Left: Cousin Tiffany, Right: Rifkin

Left: Mom, Right: Rifkin

[via BuzzFeed, images via Rachael Rifkin]