25 February 2015

Photographer Turns Everyday People Into Death-Defying Superheroes On Skyscrapers

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You might remember this inspiring photo shoot where office employees were transformed into fitness models with great lighting.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is back with a follow-up in his ‘Ordinary People Transformed’ series—this time, turning everyday individuals into superheroes perched atop skyscrapers.

He wrote: “As we get older, we stop dreaming. We stop believing that anything is possible because we’ve seen too much of what isn’t. And that is why I wanted to photograph ordinary people as superheroes—so that they could see themselves as they had once dreamed.”

Roping in the employees of photo sharing website, SmugMug, Von Wong’s latest endeavor captures the fearlessness of superheroes without the help of green screen or special effects.

For the incredible shots, Von Wong would coax them to inch closer to the edge of the ledge overlooking a 1,000-foot drop.

“Seeing them challenge themselves and finding courage where they thought there was none was absolutely inspiring,” he noted. “It is not the lack of fear that makes a superhero a hero, but what they do in the face of fear that makes all the difference.”

Von Wong added, “When do you actually get to see the everyday person get to be a superhero? It’s a reminder that all of us, you and I, have it within ourselves to be whoever we want to be.”

Get behind-the-scenes with the video below and check out more here.

[via PetaPixel, images via Benjamin Von Wong]