2 February 2015

You Can Now Save Your LEGO Designs To The Computer As You Build Them

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For some, LEGO is just a childhood toy, while for others, it goes beyond being fun plastic bricks—it is a design tool. Ever wondered if you could store what you have built digitally?

London studio Gravity has retrofitted Lego bricks with hardware that allows a computer to track the position of each Lego block. Their project, Lego X, is currently unaffiliated with Lego, but Gravity hopes to develop this project and work with them in the future.

Lego X allows users to keep digital models of their physical creations and offers the chance to export the 3-D files if they so desire. In addition, Gravity also has the option to 3-D print a physical copy of your creation to any scale.

Click on the video below to find out more about Lego X.

Lego X from Lego X on Vimeo.

[via Fast Company]