23 July 2012

A Bike That Makes It Easier For Hipsters To Conquer Steep Slopes

Palo Alto-based company Faraday Bicycles has combined classic design with technology to create an electric bicycle that makes it easier for hipsters to commute on wheels and conquer hills.

Called the ‘Faraday Porteur’, the e-bike features: an elegant, handmade steel frame; built-in rechargeable lithium batteries within its frame; a detachable front rack’ automatic built-in front and rear LED lights that turn on in the dark; an accessory bag; and a pedal-assistance function.

When the handle’s button is pushed for ‘boost’ mode, riders can more easily ride up steep slopes and commute.

The bike’s built-in sensors will measure how much you’re pedaling, and match the foot stroke through an electric motor.

Its batteries can also be fully recharged in 45 minutes to provide you up to 10-15 miles of pedaling assistance.

Faraday Porteur comes in three sizes, with a laser-engraved trim, wood fenders and a custom aluminium chainguard.

The company is currently seeking funding for the bike on Kickstarter.

[via Faraday Bicycles]