26 July 2012

Coca-Cola’s ‘Happiness Refill’ Machine Dispenses Free Mobile Data Credits

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In a bid to target Brazil’s young consumers who love their mobile phones but can’t afford a generous data plan, ad agency Ogilvy Brasil created a Coke Machine for Coca-Cola that gives out mobile data credits as ‘refills’.

The ‘Hapiness Refill’ machine appears to be an ordinary Soda Machine—but instead of using a cup to get drink refills, users use their mobile phones to tap.

Users get free data credits and internet access via the exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser, and can also return for more free refills.

Daniel Tartaro, digital integration director of Ogilvy, told AdAge that each data “refill” is 20 megabytes, which Coke is calling “20 liters of happiness”, and will last about two weeks for a moderate user, and a week for a heavy user.

[via Happiness Refill]