27 July 2012

Google Offers ‘Handwriting’ Search Function On Smartphones

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Google now lets you ‘handwrite’ your searches on mobile devices.

Called ‘Handwrite’, the new search function is available on the Google homepage (http://google.com) on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

All users need to do is to enable feature in their settings.

When that’s done, users can go to their web browser on their tablet or smartphone; tap the Handwrite icon (a cursive ‘g’) on the lower right corner of the device’s screen; and use their finger to start writing their search terms anywhere on the screen.

As users write, their handwriting is converted into typeface in the search box.

To delete letters, tap the backspace icon.

To start over, click ‘X’ on the search box.

Auto-completed queries would also be listed below the search box as users write—users can click the queries they were thinking of, or the arrow on the right to keep writing.

And tap the ‘magnifying glass’ icon to search.

[via Google]