30 July 2012

Photographer Captures Superheroes Battling Real-Life Problems

Hong Kong photographer, Chow Har Hoo, has taken a series of photographs featuring popular superheroes such as Batman, Wolverine and Spiderman, battle real-life problems faced in the world today.

According to an artist statement released on Petapixel, Chow believes that the superhero genre is more than ‘defeating villains or keeping the world in piece’ and that every superhero experiences the same emotions and feelings like normal humans.

By inviting these superheroes into our reality, Chow hopes to ‘unveil the truth’ behind subjects such as political situation, social justice, environmental issues and the quest for happiness.

For example, Spiderman pulling a rubbish cart signifies ‘the fight against pollution’, while Wolverine, using his claws to butcher meat, represents the ‘concerns over inflation’.

[via Chow Har Hoo]