24 July 2012

A Car That Might Save Your Life In A Zombie Apocalypse

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Just in case a zombie apocalypse does happen—and to add on to your zombie-survival kit—Korean car brand Hyundai has unveiled a vehicle that might just save your life.

Based on the brand’s Elantra Coupe, the ‘Zombie Survival Machine’ is the first zombie proof car.

The vehicle is equiped with a zombie plow with spikes, armored windows, a trunk filled with weaponry, front and back floodlights, spiked tires, and a radio system to communicate with other survivors.

The Zombie Survival Machine was built to commemorate the 100th issue of comic book series 'The Walking Dead'.

Whether or not this vehicle will be put into production remains unsaid.

Is the kit and car all we need to be ready?

[via Car And Driver]