30 July 2012

Infographic: How Much Would It Cost To Be Iron Man?

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People often compare DC’s Batman to Marvel’s Iron Man.

Both lost their parents at a young age; they are superheroes with no real super powers; and they use their wealth to buy and build their superhero tech and gadgets.

We already found out how much it would cost to be Batman—but how much will it take to become Marvel’s infamous ‘genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist’?

In an infographic by Money Super Market, it reports that Tony Stark’s armor suits cost a total of $1.464 billion dollars; his weaponry, about $110 million; his penthouse estate, $25 million; and Jarvis—his Super-Computer, $10 million.

It all adds up to over $1.6 billion dollars—that is twice the money needed to be Batman!

The way we see it—Tony Stark 1 : Bruce Wayne 0

[via Money Super Market]