26 July 2012

Unofficial Sarcastic Olympic Souvenirs For The Cynical

Hacknay-based Tobatron, the alter-ego of illustrator Toby Leigh, has created a series of sarcastic Olympic souvenirs for those who are cynical about the games just a few days away.

In his series ‘That Big Event In London’, the unofficial ‘reality-check’ souvenirs ridicule London’s upcoming event with mocking phrases in bright-colored angular shapes, screenprinted on plain white tote bags and T-shirts.

The critical comments include: “I’m renting my flat to a fat American family”, “They’re all on steroids”, and “It only took me 3 hours to get to work this morning”.

However, for those less critical, the project is not purely created out of sarcasm—according to the website, the funds generated through the purchase of these ethically-made bags would help support women in Malawi, Africa.

“While ‘That Big Event in London’ is taking place, inject some reality into the proceedings with these limited-edition souvenir bags,” the website wrote.

[via That Big Event In London]