24 July 2012

Artist Creates A London Bus Capable Of Doing ‘Push-Ups’ For The Olympics

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Czech artist, David Cerny, has taken London’s iconic red double decker bus and turned it into a mechanical ‘athlete’ capable of doing push-ups.

Called the ‘London Booster’, the six-tonne bus has an electrical engine that powers the vehicle’s two muscular arms—allowing them to perform the push-up motion off the ground.

The bus even plays sound recordings of grunts and moans to simulate ‘tough physical effort’.

According to Cerny, he explains that the push up is a common exercise for every athlete in the world, but it is ironic that it is also a punishment in armies and prisons.

The London Booster will be performing push-ups outside the Czech Olympic House in Islington, where Cerny hopes it will inspire his fellow countrymen to win medals during the London Olympics.

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[via Metro]