30 July 2012

For Long-Distance Relationships: A Kissing Robot That Sends Physical Kisses

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Singapore-based robotics research group Lovotics has developed a system that lets its users transfer kisses over long distances.

Called ‘Kissenger’ (kiss messenger), the system consists of a pair of small robots with large lips, and provides a physical way of transferring kisses through interactive devices.

The lips of the robot have force-sensitive resistors—and when the lips of the robot are kissed, the pressure differences on multiple points of the lips are transmitted to the other ‘kissenger’ device, which reproduces the kiss based on the data transmitted.

Dr Hooman Samani, founder of Lovotics, told designboom that the ‘Kissenger’ is able to transmit kisses over the internet in real-time via a server—and that the potential feature of ‘recording’ kisses, to be received later on could raise significant ethical questions.

Is this more personal than a private social networking app for partners that allows users to use their thumbs to ‘kiss’?

Check out the videos below to see how the Kissenger works:

[via Lovotics]