25 July 2012

Shoot Down Bugs With This Salt Blasting ‘Shotgun’

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Artist Lorenzo Maggiore has developed a rather unique and ‘fun’ way of exterminating bugs in your home.

Together with his company, SKELL INC., they have created an ‘insect eradication device’ called the ‘Bug-A-Salt’—a salt blasting shotgun that shoots grains of salt at insects.

It features a slide-cocking mechanism like an actual ‘pump-action’ shotgun that springs a site-indicator when it is ready to fire—there is even a safety switch to prevent ‘accidental discharge’ on the ‘battlefield’.

The Bug-A-Salt has a ‘lethal’ range of 3 to 5 feet and shoots out a pinch of salt each time it is fired—leaving the bug as a whole for easy clean up.

According to the Bug-A-Salt website, you can purchase their miniaturized bug-blasting shotgun from their indiegogo webpage at USD$30 each.

We don’t know if it’s practical—but it sure looks like fun!

Click to watch the video below:

[via Bug-A-Salt]