31 July 2012

Japanese Company Creates Robot That You Can Ride And Battle In

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Japanese robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki of Suidobashi Heavy Industry and artist Kogoru Kurata have created a robot that you can ride and battle in.

The robot called ‘KURATAS’ weighs about 4,500kg (4-tons); measures 4m-high (13 feet), 3m-wide and 4m-long; and costs about US$2.37 million.

Users can control KURATAS via their iPhones, or sit in its cockpit to pilot the robot.

The robot also has weapons, and has a function that lets users shoot their targets by smiling.

Currently, the 'weapons' are safe for humans, as they fire airsoft BB rounds that might not hit their targets.

Is this a step closer to the science fiction movie Real Steel?

[via Gigazine]