30 July 2012

Applebee’s Releases A Line Of Blow-Up Dolls

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In a tongue-in-cheek ad to promote its ‘Pick ‘N Pair’ lunch menu, Applebee’s has released a line of blow-up dolls as an ‘inflatable replacement’ for you.

The ‘Inflatable Lunch Decoy’ dolls are a way to trick your bosses and coworkers into thinking that you’re still hard at work—while you’re out of the office, at Applebee’s, enjoying your well-deserved lunch break.

The life-size inflatable replacements come in both genders and in a various outfits.

At just US$6.99, you can choose a doll that looks most like you, amongst: The Overachiever, The Self-Starter, The Multi-Tasker, The Cubicle Queen, The Go-Getter, and The Executive.

“Getting out for a full sit-down lunch hasn’t always been easy… until now!”, Applebee’s writes as its video description.

Watch the ad below:

[via Applebee’s]