30 July 2013

A Handy Guide On How To Create A ‘Hipster Logo’

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

We’ve seen what famous brand logos would look like if hipsters designed them.

To help you create your own original ‘hipster logo’ in no time, Texas-born, San Francisco-based designer Tim Delger created a handy guide.

The cheeky guide—entitled ‘The Hipster Logo Design Guide’—breaks down the typical ‘trendy’ logotype in six simple steps, with no concept necessary: choose the shape of the badge; decorate it with design elements; use keywords (because your product is authentic, locally sourced and hand-crafted); add “super important” extra info (to make sure people know it’s legit); add the name; and make a rubber stamp.

After creating your trendy, vintage-inspired artisanal branding emblem, don’t forget to grab a PBR to celebrate.

Check out the details of the guide below, or view it in its entirety here.

[via The Hipster Logo Design Guide]