30 July 2013

Chilled Water Plant Adds Colorful Light To Its Surroundings

The ‘Ohio State University South Campus Central Chiller Plant’ provides the Medical District of Ohio State University chilled water for production and distribution.

To give the building that houses up to 30,000 tons of chilled water some character, architecture firm Ross Barney added elements that made it visually pleasing to passersby and to its surroundings.

Large-glazed openings helped identify the function of the building, “by framing views of the chiller equipment”, while dichroic glass fins were added to the joints of the precast panels.

As the sun moves throughout the day, its light gets filtered through the colored glass panels of different hues, adding a whimsical and unique pattern on its plain walls—a rather interesting sight to behold, for a building that’s usually left designed to be boring and functional.

[via Ross Barney Architects Inc]