31 July 2013

A Man Who Lives With 200,000 Cockroaches In His Home

Unlike many people, Kyle Kandilian, a university student from Dearborn, Michigan, is not only not afraid of cockroaches, but lives with tens of thousands of these insects—he estimates that he currently keeps about 200,000 in his home.

According to a report by Detroit Free Press, the 20-year-old collects and breeds cockroaches both for fun and profit—apparently, this unusual hobby is helping him pay for an education at the Michigan-Dearborn University.

The cockroaches are priced from “a dime a dozen” for common breeds to US$200 for the “Macropanesthia rhinoceros”, which can live up to 15 years—he has a wide range of customers, including people with pets that eat cockroaches and universities who buy the insects for research purpose.

His room is filled with stacked-up boxes of cockroach colonies—in all, he has reared about 130 varieties.

Surprisingly, his parents who lives with him are very tolerant of his “pets”—head over here to read an interview with this “roach man” and find out more about his cockroach collection.

[via Boing Boing]